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Integrated solutions to make healthcare more accessible

Working in healthcare over the years we have noticed that there are areas where communication between providers and with patients can be improved. It has been our goal to refine the timeliness and quality of your healthcare and to make it easily accessible.

The vision and design of Corigan

Our vision at Corigan is to provide our clients with a means to effectively connect to their healthcare community. We have identified communication, organization and accessibility as areas of focus. Our goal is to improve and simplify communications at all levels of the healthcare system.

We’ve designed a product that is easy to navigate, with quality performance, and multiple functionality. Our vulnerable population is a top priority and providing continuing care to all has been made possible with Corigan.


Schedule and Organize

Easy Appointment Requests and Reminders

Tired of always looking for when that appointment was or which office it was with? Now you can keep all your appointments in one place.

Once you’ve registered to Corigan you can schedule appointments in just a few steps and get reminded when you have upcoming appointments.

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Direct Communication

Having difficulty getting in touch with your Office? Direct 2-way messaging makes your life a little easier by providing a way to contact all your healthcare providers across the board.

Within Messages, you will have tools to help you securely send attachments, questions, or information to your health care providers and they can also communicate back to you. This includes but is not limited to driver’s medical forms, return to work forms, pictures, medication lists and consent forms.

The Messages feature is also the place where you can go to find important updates from your offices. The office can provide you with the results of that recent test, or send you that form you’ve been waiting for without having to play phone tag.


You have two new messages


Latest updates from your offices

Advisories, Alerts, and General information

Find out whats going on in your community. Your office may have a flu shot clinic approaching, COVID19 news updates, local health alerts, updates from your healthcare providers, or other notices/community events.

If you are looking to find important information, and resources, you can find it here!

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Welcome to Your Virtual Waiting Room

Virtual care is care for everyone. Get the treatment you need and securely enter your appointment from the comfort of your own home or wherever you may be. This feature has shown to be essential during a pandemic.

Virtual appointments can also be useful if you live out of town, are lacking transportation, are unable to leave work, or even during a snow storm so you never have to miss your appointment.

Corigan also offers group meetings where you can have multiple people on your call. This feature is useful for group counselling, work huddles, family meetings, etc.

Virtual Care

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