Virtual Clinics - COVID-19

Giving healthcare workers their time back and revolutionizing how patients access care.

Designed by healthcare professionals to empower overworked staff to regain control and deliver great care.



Over 50,000 appointments booked.

Patient Centric

Fully patient driven web application.

Feature Rich

Logic based pre-screening, automated booking, secure messaging and more! All developed for testing, assessment and immunizations centres navigating a pandemic.

Logic-based Booking and Calendar

Virtual Clinics by Corigan allow providers to customize their testing, assessments or immunciation centre based on their volumes, business rules and objectives.

Using Corigan’s logic based pre-screening system providers can collect critical information as well as route patients through different flows based on how they answer. Pre-screening forms are dynamic and change based on the context provided by the patient to suit the clinical management needs of the provider.

Unlike other booking applications, Corigan’s calendar functionality is specially designed to manage the unique nuances of COVID-19 testing and booking. This tool also comes jam packed with several critical features required in this health care environment.

Priority Booking Schedule

To temporarily override the business rules of the location to address a sudden increase or decrease in volumes.

Reserve Time Feature

Allows for providers to quickly reserve time in the calendar for any number of reasons (frontline workers, priority booking, outbreak, etc.)

Manual Booking

For users unable to book through a patient driven portal and would rather pick up the phone.

Recurring Events

Groups and individuals required to get regular testing for any reason can set up routine, scheduled appointments.


Direct and Automated Communication

During these unprecedented times we understand that communication is paramount for patients and health administrators. We also acknowledge that patients are frequently asking the same few questions. This has allowed for Corigan to develop a specific set of automated messaging functions that allow for custom written appointment confirmation, reminder and follow up messages sent via email. This allows each site to communicate effectively with their patients about what steps to take, when to stay home and even site specific concerns like where to park, how to access the building, how to social distance etc.


Powerful Insights

In a landscape that’s constantly changing, it's critical for healthcare organizations to have actionable insights that allow them to better understand and care for their clients. Our platform has been used in COVID-19 testing and assessment centers since August 2020. In this time we have allowed our customer feedback to drive our application’s development. Our dashboard provides relevant data when it comes to testing, assessment and immunization centres. Additionally, our customers are able to collect data they require Corigan with their pre screening questionnaire.