Flashing Blue Dot Video



January 24, 2020 - 2 minutes read

If you are seeing a flashing blue dot while enabling permissions, please watch the following video for tips on how to get your webcam working, or read the steps below.

If you see a flashing blue dot while attempting to sign into your appointment, it is usually because your devices camera is already in use. Any other app or program that is using your camera needs to be closed before attempting to sign into Corigan again.

First try refreshing your page. If you disconnect and sign back in your Camera will have been in use by Corigan previously and when it tries to reconnect it will not work. Refresh the page to reestablish a connection.

If after refreshing the page it is still not working close all the open applications or programs on your device. Something running in the background may be using your camera and is blocking Corigan from accessing it. Sign back in to Corigan for your virtual appointment.

If after following all of the steps above it is still not working restart your device. Open a browser window and sign back into Corigan once it finishes restarting. If your camera is still not working you may have to use a different device or see webcam setup guide for other tips to make it work.


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