Creating your Corigan Account

Quick Guide to Register

  1. Click the link –
  2. Pick your office and fill out your information
  3. Click Register (read and accept terms and conditions)
  4. Save your email and password or write it down for the next time you sign in

After you’ve registered, you can check in to your appointment

  1. Sign in/Login with your email and password –
  2. Click your office and click “Check in”
  3. Enable Permissions, Click “Allow”
  4. Do you see yourself? Click “Yes”
  5. We can hear you loud and clear. Click “Enter”
  6. Stay on this page until your Health Care Provider joins your call.

In-depth Guide to Register

To get started on Corigan, you will first need to register. Use Google Chrome as your browser if your device is a computer or Android; if you are using an iPhone/iPad, you will need to use Safari.

To download Google Chrome, click the following link

You will then go on to and press the “Sign Up For Free” button and then click Register. This will bring you to a page (pictured below) where you can then choose your doctor’s office and input your information to create an account. We recommend saving or writing down your email and password for the next time you Sign In.

Once your account is made and you have accepted the terms and conditions, you will need to wait until an administrator accepts your office request. We ask that you register 12-24 hours prior to your appointment or as soon as possible to give the office time to accept you. Once you have been accepted, you will need to refresh/reload your page and sign in. You will then click your doctor’s office to the right of your screen to enter.

Next, you will press “Check-In”. Here, you will be able to enable your audio and video permissions.

You will be asked if you can see yourself, click Yes or No. You will also be asked to speak into your device to see if the microphone is working, say something then click Enter.

After this is complete, please stay on the screen and your healthcare provider will join your call shortly. If you experience any difficulties please refer to our troubleshooting guide (below) or call the Corigan support team at 519-339-1590.

Registration Video Guide

The following video is a walkthrough of the registration and sign in process. Watch this to see how to register your Corigan account and how to sign in for your virtual appointment, or read the written instructions below.

When registering an account go to, and click “Register” in the top right corner or “Sign up for free.” You will be taken to a page that asks for some basic information from you. Select your doctors office in the first bar and fill out all of your information in the different fields. Make sure to write down the email and password you used. Once your account is made you can use the same email and password to sign in anytime you need to contact your healthcare providers.

Once all of your information is filled out and you click “Register Now” at the bottom of the page our privacy agreement with open. Make sure to read the agreement to see how your information is used. At the bottom of the privacy agreement it says “I Accept.” After clicking this you will be taken to a sign in sreen.

Type the email and password you used to register into the bars and press “Sign in.” You will have to wait until the office accepts your request to join before you can enter your healthcare providers virtual office. Click “Add new office” and scroll through the list to find all of the offices you are a patient of and request to join each office. Once you have been accepted you will be able to use your Corigan account to connect with your healtcare community from one central location.

How to Download Google Chrome on a PC

Corigan works best using Google Chrome on most devices, including Androids, PC’s and Mac’s. If you do not have Google Chrome installed watch the following video to see how to download and install Google Chrome on your device. Or read the written instructions below. Note: If your device is an iPad or an iPhone, please use the Safari browser instead.

Open the default browser that is already installed on your device. If using a PC this will be Microsoft Edge, and on a Mac it will be Safari. In the search bar type, download google chrome and press enter. Or click on the following link

Once on the Google Chrome website click the blue button that says “Download Chrome.” A file will be downloaded called ChromeSetup.exe. Look in the bottom left of your browser or in your download folder on your computer.

Click the file to begin installing. A window will appear that asks you to allow this app to make changes to your computer, select allow. The installation process will happen automatically. After a few minutes a Google Chrome window will open automatically and you can the sign into Corigan to communicate with your health care providers.

How to set up speakers for PC’s

Speakers will allow you to hear your healthcare provider while in a Corigan virtual appointment. Setting up speakers is a very simple process that can be done in only a few minutes. Read the following steps to learn how to set up speakers for your PC desktop or laptop computer.

On the rear of most desktop computers there are coloured or labeled headphone jacks where your speakers plug into. Often, the jack for speakers will be green or will be labeled line out. If it is a set of two speakers plug the speaker without the power button and volume knob into the speaker with the power button and volume knob. Then plug the speaker with the volume knob into the back of your computer in the green headphone jack. Plug the speakers into the headphone jack if you are using a laptop.

Taken from

Next, plug the speakers into a power outlet and turn them on. Try playing a sound file or a YouTube video to test if they are working. If you cannot hear anything turn the volume up on the speakers.

Right click the speaker symbol in the taskbar in the bottom right of the screen if you are still unable to hear anything. In the menu that appears click open sound settings.

Right click on the symbol in the red circle above. Then select “Open Sound Settings” from the menu that appears

A window will appear that says sound and shows the output device. Make sure the speakers you are using are selected by clicking the bar with the output device and picking the name of your speakers.

Click the bar in the red rectangle to change your output device

Adjust the windows volume by clicking the speaker button in the taskbar in the bottom right of the screen. Slide the bar up or to the right to increase the volume.

Slide the bar to the right to increase the volume