Registration Video Guide

The following video is a walkthrough of the registration and sign in process. Watch this to see how to register your Corigan account and how to sign in for your virtual appointment, or read the written instructions below.

When registering an account go to, and click “Register” in the top right corner or “Sign up for free.” You will be taken to a page that asks for some basic information from you. Select your doctors office in the first bar and fill out all of your information in the different fields. Make sure to write down the email and password you used. Once your account is made you can use the same email and password to sign in anytime you need to contact your healthcare providers.

Once all of your information is filled out and you click “Register Now” at the bottom of the page our privacy agreement with open. Make sure to read the agreement to see how your information is used. At the bottom of the privacy agreement it says “I Accept.” After clicking this you will be taken to a sign in sreen.

Type the email and password you used to register into the bars and press “Sign in.” You will have to wait until the office accepts your request to join before you can enter your healthcare providers virtual office. Click “Add new office” and scroll through the list to find all of the offices you are a patient of and request to join each office. Once you have been accepted you will be able to use your Corigan account to connect with your healtcare community from one central location.

How to Download Google Chrome on a PC

Corigan works best using Google Chrome on most devices, including Androids, PC’s and Mac’s. If you do not have Google Chrome installed watch the following video to see how to download and install Google Chrome on your device. Or read the written instructions below. Note: If your device is an iPad or an iPhone, please use the Safari browser instead.

Open the default browser that is already installed on your device. If using a PC this will be Microsoft Edge, and on a Mac it will be Safari. In the search bar type, download google chrome and press enter. Or click on the following link

Once on the Google Chrome website click the blue button that says “Download Chrome.” A file will be downloaded called ChromeSetup.exe. Look in the bottom left of your browser or in your download folder on your computer.

Click the file to begin installing. A window will appear that asks you to allow this app to make changes to your computer, select allow. The installation process will happen automatically. After a few minutes a Google Chrome window will open automatically and you can the sign into Corigan to communicate with your health care providers.

Flashing Blue Dot Video

If you are seeing a flashing blue dot while enabling permissions, please watch the following video for tips on how to get your webcam working, or read the steps below.

If you see a flashing blue dot while attempting to sign into your appointment, it is usually because your devices camera is already in use. Any other app or program that is using your camera needs to be closed before attempting to sign into Corigan again.

First try refreshing your page. If you disconnect and sign back in your Camera will have been in use by Corigan previously and when it tries to reconnect it will not work. Refresh the page to reestablish a connection.

If after refreshing the page it is still not working close all the open applications or programs on your device. Something running in the background may be using your camera and is blocking Corigan from accessing it. Sign back in to Corigan for your virtual appointment.

If after following all of the steps above it is still not working restart your device. Open a browser window and sign back into Corigan once it finishes restarting. If your camera is still not working you may have to use a different device or see webcam setup guide for other tips to make it work.